2. března 2017 v 12:39 |  Poezie (English)
Zde je jeden z mých poetických počinů, který byl tak trošku inspirován dílem amerického básníka Allena Ginsberga, i když jeho zamýšlené poselství leží někde jinde.


Europe I've given you all and now I'm nothing
Europe, my ex mother, why'd you disown me?
Europe, you once taught me how to speak
I don't remember the last time my tongue was free
Europe, can't you see through all that smoke?
It's everywhere, I know, and it's your fault
Europe please tell me my pale life still matters
Don't let my heart succumb to this awful sadness
Europe, go fuck yourself with this political correctness
Europe, when will you finally save the world?
Don't you hold back, surely we can take 'em all
Europe, when will you send some coal back to Syria?
It may make the world a little less dim (our wages less slim)
When can I go into the supermarket and buy what I need with my privileged skin?

Europe, you've exiled the Maker's son and left an empty space
Now you're shaking hands with the devil, helping him take His place
Europe, you love to help but can't help yourself
Europe, I can see more boats coming your way
The Nina, The Pinta, The Santa Maria, no it's not them
Though their purpose is very likely to be the same
Europe, your streets are no longer safe
I'd like my ass hole to retain its shape
Hard to tell when an ape decides to rape
Europe, your multi culture is quite a BOOM
Making white men's wives bear ashes in their womb
Europe, I have a college degree, it taught me how to read
Sitting in a café helping evil breed and our kin bleed
What was once a white man's burden now becomes his blood
Europe, wipe the shit from your eyes and stop this evil flood
Europe, look around you, can't you see?
It's one big goddamn killing spree
Are you ignorant, stupid, or just blind
Committing this cultural suicide?

Europe, I miss the times when people's genitals decided their gender
It's been so long I can hardly even remember
The last time God was in charge
Deciding what was wrong and what was right
Now He's no longer present in our lives
By 2084 two plus two is bound to equal five
Face it, Europe, you've screwed up this time
I'll keep telling you even if the truth is a crime
You've pissed away your glory, culture and wealth
And become a grotesque shadow of your former self
I can feel your end, it's drawing near
As you're making yourself disappear
After all it's you who let them win
And murdered yourself from within.

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